February 1993: I embarked on my mountaineering journey and successfully summited Tochal Peak, standing at 3,964 meters (13,005 feet) in Tehran, Iran.


January 1999: I achieved of climbing Mount Damavand, ascending from the Siole Glacier, which involved a challenging 1600 meters of ice climbing. With an elevation of 5672 meters (18,608 feet), Damavand stands as the highest peak in Iran.


January 2001: Member of a winter expedition team tasked with establishing a new route, known as the Anjoman route, on “Alam Kouh” at an elevation of 4750 meters (3,209 feet) in Iran.


July 2002: I participated in the Asian Expedition UAAA, alongside representatives from five Asian countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Singapore, and Iran. I successfully summited the “Marble Wall” at an elevation of 6400 meters (20,997 feet) in Kazakhstan.


July 2005: Proud team member involved in establishing a new climbing route on the 520 meters (1706 feet) wall in Yafteh Kouh, Khoramabad, Iran. Over the course of 4 days, we successfully set up 14 pitches, incorporating V-shaped chain anchors with a Grade of F6C+ (YDS 5.11B) The name of route is Khashayar.


February 2010: Achieved the remarkable feat of solo climbing Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Greece, reaching an elevation of 2,917 meters (9,573 feet). Conquering this YDS class 3 rock scramble.


July 2011: Successfully completed a free solo climb of Sgurr nan Gillean in Isle of Skye, located in the northern region of Scotland.


Since 2016: Start to working as climbing wall instructor in London.


December 2019: Embarked on a solo attempt to conquer Mont Blanc in January, navigating the challenging Du Gouter route from the picturesque town of Chamonix, France.


since 2011, I have triumphed over numerous solo icy challenges, mastering the art of ice climbing and winter mountaineering across the UK. Notable among my achievements is the ascent of Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis. Additionally, I ascent of Snowdon via the challenging Crib Goch route and undertook an ice ascent of Cader Idris in North Wales.


July 2021: I achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing a solo climb of Khan Tengri peak, reaching an elevation of 7010 m, ( 22998 foot ) in Kyrgyzstan.